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Sustainable Apartment Living Tips: A Renter-friendly Guide

Sustainable Apartment Living Tips: A Renter-friendly Guide

Living sustainably in an urban environment can feel daunting, but fear not! It’s all about making small, gradual changes to your lifestyle that have lasting impacts over time. At Telegraph Gardens, apartment living and eco-consciousness can go hand-in-hand.

With your green thumb and our prime location on Telegraph Avenue, you can easily upgrade your daily routine and minimize your carbon footprint. Make your Telegraph Gardens apartment an eco-friendly oasis with these powerful tips!


A Walker’s and Biker’s Paradise Near Public Transit

Getting outside and engaging in activities like walking and biking benefits your health and mental well-being and contributes positively to the planet by reducing carbon emissions.  

Our apartment community has a Walk Score of 91 and a Bike Score of 99! This means you can easily access everything you need on foot or wheels. Explore the Elmwood shops, grab a latte at a local cafe, or hit the UC Berkeley campus.

For further ventures, Berkeley’s extensive public transportation network puts the entire Bay Area at your fingertips. Our Transit Score is 61, so you can catch the bus, BART, or AC Transit and leave your car safe and sound in our covered garage—ready to go when your next road trip rolls around!


91/100 Walk Score. Walker’s Paradise: Daily errands do not require a car. 61/100 Transit Score. Good Transit: Many nearby public transit options. 99/100 Bike Score. Biker’s paradise: Daily errands can be accomplished on a bike. Woman walking with reusable tote bag in Berkeley, CA.


Power Down, Save Energy, and Save Money in the Process

Reducing your energy consumption is both good for the planet and your wallet. Swap those incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs where you can, don’t leave your lights on when you don’t need them, and get friendly with your thermostat. Invest in power strips and unplug idle electronics.

Harness the power of nature by making the most of natural light and air-drying your clothes whenever possible. Remember, every watt saved adds to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.


Be Water Wise: Every Drop Counts

Water conservation is so important and doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Take shorter showers, get leaky faucets fixed with our quick on-site maintenance, and when doing dishes or laundry, run full loads only.

Consider collecting rainwater to water your plants on your balcony or in your home. Every drop saved helps ensure this precious resource flows for generations to come.

Speaking of plants, did you know that houseplants can boost your mood, add to your decor, and even clean your indoor air? The benefits of welcoming plants into your apartment are endless. Make sure you pick up a couple of favorites from a local nursery.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Ditch the Plastic

Embrace a sustainable lifestyle by bidding farewell to single-use plastics. Switch to reusable water bottles, shopping bags, and food containers, stocking up on versatile items that complement your style. Not only do these choices reduce waste, but they also enhance your everyday experiences, boosting your mood and reaffirming your commitment to sustainability with each use.

Consider incorporating a quality tap water filter into your routine or exploring small-space composting options for food scraps. Remember, “reduce” comes first—avoid unnecessary packaging whenever possible.

Person holding a reusable bag of vegetables while waiting for the local bus.


Clean Green: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Leave harsh chemicals behind and embrace the power of nature at every possible turn. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products while shopping, or Enjoy the pleasure of creating your own with simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. With countless DIY recipes to experiment with, you’ll find options that are not only kind to the environment but also to your wallet and overall health. 

If you’re interested in making the switch to better homemade cleaning products, give this fantastic Healthline article a read:

18 Easy and Green DIY Recipes to Clean All the Things, Plus Health Benefits


Balcony Gardens Bloom with Sustainability

Transform your balcony at Telegraph Gardens into a mini urban oasis! Plant herbs, cherry tomatoes, or leafy greens—even a small space can yield fresh, local produce. Opt for organic seeds and fertilizers, and use rainwater to nourish your plants. Not only will you enjoy homegrown goodness you can taste and feel, but you’ll also contribute to a greener community here in Berkeley, California.

Potted gardens are a fantastic idea for smaller spaces, providing versatility, mobility, and a canvas to express your personal style. Check out the Better Homes & Gardens blog post linked below for some advice on how to get started!

7 Must-Know Tips for Growing Herbs in Pots

A vibrant life awaits you at Telegraph Gardens. Embark on a journey toward a lifestyle filled with joy and fulfillment. Contact our team to schedule your tour, marking the first step toward securing your two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Berkeley, California.


Telegraph Gardens apartment balcony in Berkeley, California.


By embracing these simple tips, you can make your Telegraph Gardens apartment a beacon of sustainability. Remember, however small, every action contributes to a healthier planet for all.


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