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Adventure Awaits in the Bay Area

Friends hiking in Berkeley, California.

Telegraph Gardens offers fantastic Berkeley apartments for rent, which puts our residents near numerous hot spots for outdoor enthusiasts! Berkeley, CA, is a peaceful city with many parks, gardens, and an abundance of beautiful nature. Whether you crave a hike with amazing views or a relaxing picnic by the water, our area offers the perfect escape.

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Renters Insurance: Do You Need It?

Happy young couple sitting in an apartment surrounded by their boxed belongings.

Apartments for rent in Berkeley, California, like the fantastic ones we offer here at Telegraph Gardens, are a haven for your belongings. What happens if the unexpected strikes and your belongings are damaged or missing? Events like a fire, theft, or even a burst pipe can leave you scrambling to replace cherished items and deal with the financial burden. That’s where renters insurance comes in.

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New Year, New Goals: Navigating a Healthier and Happier You

Person shopping for healthy groceries in local Berkeley store.

As the calendar turns a new page, many of us find ourselves contemplating the possibilities and setting intentions for this year. Whether it’s about adopting healthier habits, cultivating stronger relationships, or embracing positive changes, this fresh start is an opportune time to embark on a journey toward a more fulfilling life.

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Celebrate the Holidays Cali-Style

Santa Claus on California Beach

Forget snow angels and hot cocoa – ditch the mittens and grab your swimsuit because the holiday season comes with a sun-kissed twist in Berkeley, California! At Telegraph Gardens, we embrace the unique charm of a Golden State December, where traditions take on a distinctly beachy flair. So trade in the pine for palm trees and join us as we explore how to celebrate the Berkeley-style holidays right from your cozy Telegraph Gardens apartment.

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Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent in Berkeley, CA

Person holding happy dog in local park

Discover the perfect balance of comfort and pet friendly living at Telegraph Gardens. If you’re seeking pet friendly apartments for rent in Berkeley, CA, your search ends here. Telegraph Gardens welcomes both residents and their furry companions with open arms! They are part of the family, after all.

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